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Bikes and Trikes Society

The following pages can be accessed through navigation buttons above or through hyperlinks at various places throughout the site. Currently there are only a small number of members in the society who nonetheless enjoy the pleasure of riding together. Some have been involved in building trikes, others have renovated older machines. For details of all the current members of the group see the About Us tab. You can get to know more about each of us by clicking on our names in that page.


Bikes within the group have changed since we first started. Originally comprising of your webmaster’s tastefully customised Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, 2 trikes and few Yamaha XJR’s. The XJR’s have now all been exchanged for the following Cruisers: a Kawasaki VN 1500 Classic, a Triumph America and another Harley Davidson Heritage. One of the trikes has now been changed for a Harley one and the other “re-vitalised. Plus some members have a few second and third bikes.


Weather permitting we go on short rides just for the pleasure of being “out there‿ We also take longer trips which are usually detailed in the Reports area along with pictures in the Gallery section accessible above.


Please be aware that the members of the society also enjoy taking the piss so the content of this website could be offensive to some people but to be honest if it offends you then we’d rather you found a more suitable group to join. If however you would like to have the piss taken feel free to contact us with a view to applying to join our little society. We are leaning toward the mature age range but can act like children quite easily so don’t feel restricted by your age, young or old are welcome.

Welcome, if this is your first visit and welcome back if you are making a return visit.

In fact WELCOME whatever brings you here!